DGScott use their experience and expertise to manufacture our high quality steel moulds for precast concrete.

Manufactured to the highest tolerances, our high quality steel moulds are designed and built by our team of dedicated experts, or if you prefer our engineers can work directly from your own drawings.

Every one of our moulds is a sturdy all-steel construction, which are extremely durable and easy to use. And because we have been designing and producing quality steel moulds for nearly 30 years, we have the experience and expertise you demand.

We make quality steel moulds for a variety of drycast and wetcast concrete applications:

  • Knockout moulds – For concrete casting of pilings, fence posts, patio slabs and duct coverlids.
  • Larger strippable moulds (including strippable battery moulds) – For concrete casting filter bed slabs, vanity screens and staircases with interchangeable flights.
  • Steel moulds to suit speciality precast concrete machinery, like the ‘Coote’ type machine.

DGScott Engineering and Fabrication: Steel moulds/molds for precast concrete, knockout moulds/molds for concrete casting, strippable moulds for concrete casting, steel moulds, feeders, gang handlers for precast concrete machinery.