Hardstaff Barriers Ltd

With over twenty years’ experience in the supply and installation of temporary safety barriers, Hardstaff Barriers has earned the position of UK market leader in the provision of concrete safety barriers and the effective organisation of barrier deployments.

In conjunction with an extensive haulage fleet, the company provide a nationwide service for the supply, transportation and installation of barriers. This specialist expertise linked with our reputation for innovation and reliability has been instrumental in establishing and maintaining excellent customer relations across a broad raft of client industries.

The Challenge

Working closely with the specialist team at Hardstaff, DG Scott Engineering were asked to design and manufacture a mould to be used as a roadside barrier safety curtain. The mould needed to be manufactured to a high specification and designed to meet the roadside safety barrier legislation as outlined in the Highways Act 1980. The design process was very strict and the manufacturing of the mould needed to meet very high performance specification including:

The barriers needed to be capable of restraining a vehicle impact.
The mould would be required to be cast and emptied on the client’s site to save the cost of transporting heavy concrete products.
The mould needed to be strong enough to be cast at least 1000 times.
The finished concrete product must have some sort of lifting eyes for local movement.
The Solution

During the consultation process with Hardstaff, the engineers at DG Scott needed to consider a number of design obligations and their solution was to create a mould that would be designed in house by their skilled team of engineers. The solution was created to meet the challenges set out by Hardstaff Barriers Ltd and the Highways Authority:

The fabrication of a metal mould with removable sides to allow the concrete to be cast and removed on site.
The design included an integral reinforced bar (Rebar) cage.
The design and fabrication allowed for cost effective construction with a simple design.
Lifting lugs were cast with sockets and included in the reinforced rebar cage for safety.
DG Scott created a three step design and fabrication method: